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File a Complaint

Your users’ committee is an important resource. The committee knows what your rights are and is there to help you with any steps you take, including filing a complaint. Our local service quality and Complaints Commissioner is a key person for seeing that user rights are enforced. The commissioner reports directly to the board of directors and carries out her functions on an exclusive basis.

Local service quality and Complaints Commissioner assumes the following functions:

  • Answer to the board of directors for the enforcement of user rights and for the diligent handling of user complaints.
  • Applies the complaint examination procedure in keeping with the rights of users
  • Distributes information to increase understanding of the rights and obligations of users and the code of ethics
  • Promotes the complaint examination process and publishes the procedure
  • Provides assistance or sees to it that assistance is given to users who require help in formulating a complaint or for any further step related to the complaint.
  • Takes action on his or her own initiative when apprised of the facts and when there are reasonable grounds to believe that the rights of a user or group of users are not being enforced
  • Gives advice on any matter within their purview submitted by the board of directors or any other committee of the institution, including the users’ committee.

Role of the Commissioner

In some respects, certain functions of the local service quality and complaints commissioner are complementary to those of the committees, in particular the functions of informing users and of assisting and accompanying them. In these areas, consultation and collaboration are essential factors in optimizing the impact of the actions taken.

  • The service quality and Complaints Commissioner receives your request and can help you formulate your complaint.
  • The Commissioner examines your complaint to clearly ascertain the problem and try to resolve it. He or she will ask you for your version of the facts at that time.
  • The Commissioner then gathers information from the people involved.
  • The Commissioner intervenes in the manner he or she deems most appropriate when informed that there have been reprisals, in any form whatsoever, against a person who has formulated or intends to formulate a complaint.
  • The Commissioner informs you of the examination findings within 45 days following receipt of your complaint. The Commissioner’s conclusions are accompanied by the solutions he or she feels are appropriate for resolving the problem, or the corrective measures he or she recommends be taken by the people involved.

Any person you choose can accompany or assist you in the complaint examination procedure.

File a Verbal Complaint
Complaints Comissioner
Call: (514) 345-0210 #124

File a Written Complaint
By snail mail:
Attention of: Compaints Commissioner
8160 Royden Road,
Town of Mount Royal,
H4P 2T2

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If your complaint has not been resolved with the local complaints commissioner, contact the Public Protector.

Public Protector Website


Call: (514) 873-2032
Or: 1-800-463-5070