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Most of us think about taking care of our aging parents or spouse when they’re older, and not our kids. They’re grownups, right? But when you have a special needs adult child that care never stops. Nor does the worry. Ask any of the more than 30 million Canadians providing care for an adult, usually a loved one, age 18+ with a disability or illness. You will hear: What happens when I am no longer able to care for my child? Who will care for them?
To help parents navigate these tricky waters, Nathan Leibowitz, Senior Investment Adviser at Manulife Securities Incorporated, is giving a free presentation on April 22nd at 6:30 p.m.
Nathan has been a sought after lecturer in these topics and deals with a team of experts; lawyers, CA’s, notaries and insurance specialists that can address all your concerns. This is a tremendous opportunity to see what can benefit you.
He’ll discuss how to manage and plan your disabled child’s finances, including the Registered Disability Savings Plan. He will also be addressing the different ways children can have access to savings and inheritance without being cut off from government assistance programs, how to maximize tax credits and deductions, and how to structure your will to meet your child’s needs.

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